Consultant, Bartram’s Garden, Philadelphia PA. I launched the Bartram’s Box giveaway program, coordinating the distribution of over 50 planter boxes to residents of Southwest Philadelphia, and taught educational workshops

Workshop Instructor, Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, Philadelphia, PA. I have led workshops on Container Gardening, Composting, DIY Rainbarrels and Stormwater Conservation, and Community Organizing

Project Coordinator, Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, Philadelphia, PA. I created educational materials for the Sustainable 19125 Green Blocks Campaign,a neighborhood based greening initiative. I also developed educational materials and curriculum for the Green Cities Clean Waters campaign, an initiative of the Philadelphia Water Department to educate Philadelphia residents about green stormwater infrastructure improvements

                         Greening Flip grey                       Water_Brochure_finalgrey

Instructor, Initiated and led English classes for over 30 teenagers as a recipient of a Plowshares Foundation Peace Grant at San Antonio Huitepec Community School in rural Oaxaca, Mexico

Interviews                                                                                                                                    Interview about urban agriculture on “Distillations” podcast from the Chemical Heritage Foundation

“Bringing the Farm a Little Closer to the Table”, Metro newspaper

“How Harvesting Rainwater Saves Money, Energy, and Mother Earth”, Metro newspaper 


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